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Mixed Tannins (Leather Dying, Tannic, Dyes, Wood), powder Extract, 55 lb.

You are purchasing 25 kg of purified mixed Tannins Powder (Pic is of a 500 gm bag). This is a mixture of tannins with a tannin content of approx. 75%. It is the bisulfited extract of the bark of the Schinopsis lorentzil tree . Your sample will be shipped in dual ziploc bags to save on shipping costs. Tannin Extracts have many uses such as Tanning leathers and dying woods, ink production, etc. This material is NOT for food or drug use of any kind!! May be harmful if swallowed. By purchasing this item the buyer agrees that they understand the uses and potential hazards with this material. Picture may not reflect new GHS labeling.
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